Portable Coffee Machine for Car

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If you want a car coffee maker, it is because you fulfil one of the following premises: 1- you travel a lot with your car, or 2- you can’t give up enjoying your coffee at any time. But, before you go shopping, you must be very clear about what this product is like. The 12v car coffee makers have several standard features, which we will summarize below:

They work with a 12V or 24V socket. In other words, they are coffee pots that are plugged into the car’s cigarette lighter. It is the only way they have to get the electricity needed for the extraction. Do not confuse them with portable coffee machines, which do not usually have an electrical outlet and require you to pour hot or boiled water into them beforehand.
Those with a 12-volt socket are for designed for cars, and those with a 24-volt plug are capsule coffee makers for trucks. Be careful with this difference, because in some models you can choose which plug you prefer. Make no mistake!
They usually work with single-dose coffee pods or with ground coffee.
They can only make one cup at a time.
Some models do not reach the pressure needed for a “real” espresso.
They are easy to handle and easy to transport.
They are slightly noisy. But luckily, they don’t take more than a couple of minutes to get the coffee ready
  • Capacity (Cup): <5 cups
  • Power (W): 80w
  • Function: Espresso
  • Type: Espresso Coffee Maker
  • Voltage (V): DC12
  • Housing Material: Plastic
  • Model Number: H4
  • Capsule type: Nes+Dolce+Powder
  • Pressure: 15 bar
Portable Coffee Machine for Car
Portable Coffee Machine for Car
Portable Coffee Machine for Car