Inflatable Pump Air Compressor

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Multi Scene Use
Suitable for cars, motorcycles, bicycles, balls, and toys, fast inflation!

Fast Inflatable
The rapid inflation is completed in 1 minute. volume than ordinary air pump is reduced by about 38%, the inflation rate has increased by nearly 2 times.

Thick Copper Motor
Pure copper coil motor, using suspension design, avoid shell material resonance, damping noise reduction, and damping, effectively reduce 30% inflatable noise.

LED Lights
LED lighting, to solve your emergency needs, simple and portable, can be used in multiple scenes.

Mini And Handheld
Easy to grasp with one hand, convenient, and practical.

LCD Display
Pre-set the desired tire pressure, full of automatic stop, no need to always stare at the tire pressure, can also manually a key pause, immediately safe pressure control. The gas nozzle is screwed on the car valve, pneumatic pump energized state can detect tire pressure.

High-Performance Battery

High-performance 18650 battery, the same as Tesla battery, inflation for about 10 minutes requires a pause before inflation.

Charging Display
Air pump through the USB cable to charge when the power display red on behalf of the need to charge, display green on behalf of full.

3 Styles Air Mouths
The package is equipped with three kinds of air nozzles, which can be selected for various purposes.

Inflatable Pump Air Compressor
Inflatable Pump Air Compressor
Inflatable Pump Air Compressor